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Men in black UK has been set up for you to have a different type of view on things and report sightings of UFOs, Ghosts etc, and chat about anything that takes your fancy in the form of Paranormal or what we are starting to understand as normal? strange goings on and how we link all this with the Quantum world.

It has just come to me that these other being/Aliens/interdimesional creatures may have our lives planed out… we have kids, those kids have kids and it goes on and on for millenia, the Aliens have no concept of time. they think in terms of thousands of years and over that time can manipulate us for a purpose we don’t yet understand.

This is a construct and all our feelings, thoughts words are transmited by atoms, yes everything around us is made of atoms in turn make up molecules and they make up all our brain and body.

Aliens it would seem, have managed to change the structure matter and their ships in to near Photons of light or waves and in this way can be and travel in this world or Dimension and traverse back and forth. In this wave form they simply disappear.

There are some amazing videos on all the pages.

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Our subconscious mind makes up what we Will be doing, up to 10 seconds before our Conscious mind has decided what decision we (our conscious mind wants to do) That means our conscious mind never makes any decisions at all?.

Is it that we seem to be on a path and our outcome is determined?… I’m not sure that I believe in that but.. if past present and future are all out there as Einstein said and we could to be able to see the past present and future then the there is no free will as it has all been set. It may be an Masive illusion that someone has made for us all, or have we made this life ourselfe.

Everything is alive in some way, Yes everything you see is made of atoms, All matter, Electrons, Protons, Neutrons etc.

How do these atoms and particles come together for us to see them?

We seem to think them in to existence, yes if Quantum physics is right.

Everything has particles in atoms that in turn have smaller and smaller parts down to the Plank lenght/string or a Thought that we may never see as this string of thought is the size of a tree compared to our known Universe.

If it is our thoughts that make up this Matrix world, then You can hack the operating system.

Buddhist monks have been doing this for a very very long time.

Is it that some think, this Universe is only thoughts inside a brain as the Universe seems very similar to the structure of a brain? we hold thoughts and dreams in our brain so whats to say we are only thoughts or dreams.

As it now seems to be true there are many dimensions and there are different types of alien life in other dimensions. What would these be like?

If Aliens have managed to bridge the gap between our dimensions and travel here they may be Quantum travelers able to open doorways in our Universe.

What is real then? We don’t seem to have enough evidence or information as to what this world, life is, as we perceive it to be, it does seem to be getting stranger and stranger with additional information that we uncover about our world and life.

What I do know is that I have seen what was a figure of a human like Ghost that was walking across the room! Also in this same room, my father saw what an old lady was standing at the window! he was so shocked and rubbed his eyes thinking what’s going on, am I asleep? Am I going nuts? as he pulled his hands away there she was standing over him staring. HE QUICKLY REMOVED HIMSELF FROM THE ROOM.

We later found out there was an old grassed over graveyard not 15ft away!
A Para psychologist at the South Bank University later said this seems to him like ghosts were present and wanted to make contact.

My dad worked as a radio operator for over 40 years, mostly on massive Merchant ships delivering timber, food and also in the merchant navy, he also worked on giant oil tankers and just before his death recently, told me that during apartheid the Tanker was trying to dock in south Africa to drop off oil, there was a stop on all deliveries of oil and such likes, he said they were just waiting for the right time to get in unnoticed, now this was a Norwegian owed tanker but registered abroad for tax purposes. a member of the crew reported seeing a flying disc on the side of the Tanker, my Dad the Captain and most of the crew witness this disk shaped craft hovering around 100 foot away, it then shone a beam of light at the sea. This light was so hot the whole crew thought they were going to die!
OK red hot beam and oil don’t mix! My dad and the whole crew had to agree to secrecy as they weren’t meant to be there anyhow.
Before his death he was trying to contact the Captain and crew to release this information.

Video’s on here:

Above: UFO under the sea. very cool.

Holigraphic Universe part 1

Nasa on UFOs.

Quantum weird world, Love this one and the part about the electron going back in time. Yes Time travel.

Reality? what is that, another interesting vid.

Banned Ted talk on Consciousness. this guys been on it for a while as he says lol. I think he is right though.

Aaron O’Connell is the first person to experimentally induce and measure quantum effects in the motion of a humanmade object, bridging the quantum and classical worlds. This is cool, a small chunk  of metal in two places at the same time, YES. click on TED link.

NASA admit to seeing and chasing UFOS. Other dimensions? they seem to pop in and out.

busy busy back on the farm. What this guys saying is the same thing happening to us all!.

Out of the Blue, a really Great UFO vid.











Scientific discovery and scientific knowledge have been achieved only by  those who have gone in pursuit of it without any practical purpose whatsoever in view.

Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.

The deeper we look the more there is to solve and the less we know.






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